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Richard asks…

E cigs second hand smoke safe for pregnant woman and babies?

I am 32 weeks pregnant. My fiance is trying to quit smoking, and is trying the e cig mystics. So far, he likes them and they are helping him. The good thing is, he is breathing in water vapor not smoke. I don't let people smoke around me, in the same house or car as me. Is it safe for him to smoke them around me? What about the baby?

yipbop answers:

It is a lot safer than second hand smoke

The biggest different is that ecig doesn't produce vapor unless you suck it. Unlike real cig the smoke won't go around the house. Your husband's lung will filter out the nicotine so the vapor he breath out is nothing but water vapor

Robert asks…

What Is the better choice of electronic cigarette - the greensmoke or the safe cig?

I am considering both as they seem to be excellent, easy to use and reliable, but I don't know which to go with? Also wondering if there is a way to save money on either (ie. coupon code) which might help make my decision easier.

any info about why you would recommend one over the other would be appreciated.

yipbop answers:

Both are 2 piece ecigs meaning atomizers and cartridges are combined into a cartomizer. Quality wise they are similar. GreenSmoke offers more flavors if you are into that. SafeCig has better/faster customer service. I personally think GreenSmoke is a little hipper than SafeCig.

You can read actual user reviews for both right here.
The site lists coupon code as well ...

Charles asks…

What's the best kind of electronic cigarette?

My boyfriend's birthday is coming up, and I'd like to get him one, because regular cigarette smoke messes with my headaches, and it seems alot safer. I can't really spend more than $50 on one, but does anyone have any recommendations?

yipbop answers:

You should go to they have reviews on all the top electronic cigarette companies out there. I bought the and they do have some starter kits available for less than 50. You may get a little about your 50$ line but only a dollar or two cause of shipping etc. I am in luv with my volcano ecig though. Hope this helps

Ruth asks…

My friends have vapes without nicotine but is it really safe?

My friends are all buying these vape things and they say they don't have any nicotine in them so it's completely legal for them to have it. I was wondering if there are any side affects. I don't smoke and I never plan to but they say that there isn't any high to it or anything so I want to try it. I'm in 10th grade and I don't want to be left out, but is it harmful?

yipbop answers:

Not legal everywhere, and by this time next year probably will be illegal for those under 18 to have. The device anyway, it can't be illegal for minors to have nicotine free juice since nothing in the juice except nicotine is illegal for underage use, and most of the ingredients could be found in most homes.

It's likely as dangerous as you sitting in front of a fog machine for hours, but there's no hard evidence proving that it's safe. Currently all studies are short term, and they are very polar. About half say the vapor is really safe, others say it's potentially dangerous as all hell. So likely not something that will be available to those underage for much longer.

Btw, you're just screwing up things for us adults that do vape because your hysterical illogical parents will blame ecigs rather than their terrible parenting, and you also kinda look like idiots. You're inhaling glycerin and flavoring. We're doing it because we're stupid nicotine addicts. Underage kids vaping for no reason is just stupid, you don't even have addiction as your excuse.

Lisa asks…

Is 6mg of nicotine bad in a long period of time?

I have a hookah luxury lites disposable pen, and it says it has 6mg of nicotine. How much nicotine does it take to get addicted? Also it says it has 700 puffs, so it would seem that the nicotine is spread thin. I'm not smoking the whole thing in one sitting. I would most likley never smoke more then 20 in a sitting (I'm new to smoking). Also, can this very badly affect asthma? I just want to be super safe before dealing with nicotine

yipbop answers:

Nicotine per se doesn't affect your asthma. It's a mild stimulant that seems to prevent things such as Parkinson and Alzheimer. It will affect you if you have a heart condition though (so will caffeine, for instance). Now, tobacco is much more than just nicotine. Tobacco I can't recommend. I would recommend personal vapourisers though or as people call them ecigs (not minis). About the 6 mg, that's low, no big deal. I vape at 11/12 mg and it's still low to medium.

Chris asks…

Can I use my ecig prior to getting my wisdom teeth pulled?

I am not supposed to eat,drink, or smoke tobacco, but can I still vape?

yipbop answers:

If it was me I would not let them use this drug

Versed ( Midazolam ) for the procedure.

In fact, many people who use Versed for " IV Sedation,Conscious Sedation" during a procedure are awake for the entire procedure but remember nothing, often believing they were "out" the whole time.

Versed (Midazolam) is an amnestic. It is also commonly used for minor procedures like colonoscopies dental procedures like extractions,conscious sedation,twilight sleep, so that patients won't remember pain and discomfort.HOWEVER THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THOSE SENSATIONS WILL NOT BE EXPERIENCED!!!!Forgetting does no mean it did not happen!! Amnesia does NOT take place for some patients.

Here is a note from a Dentist Who uses Versed
I've used Versed 1000+ times during oral surgery procedures and I've never had a complaint. It's a miracle drug because it is safe and it causes you to not remember an unpleasant experience. My answer to him is isn't it better to have not experienced the pain than to have forgot it. No wonder you have had no complaints they have no memory of the procedure. Arnie G

Sandy asks…

Are zero nicotine electronic cigarettes still dangerous, to a non-smoker?

Soo, I would like to enjoy the feel of smoking, without actually smoking and having the dangerous side effects of a real cigarette w/ nicotine. I don't want to get addicted by the way. So I've recently started using 0% Nicotine E-Cigs, and I wanted to know if they still contain nicotine, are they addictive, and will they damage my health. Apparently zero nicotine e-cigs just contain heated water vapor? Please don't judge me or criticize, I just need to know so I can know whether to quit or if it's safe to continue.

yipbop answers:

Its not water vapour, its propyl glycol.
Human lungs are designed to
breathe in air, and only air;
anything else is harmful.
Ecigs contain toxic and
synthetic chemicals, thats why
they remain banned in many countries. Just because they
are legal, doesnt mean they
are safe.
Educate urself so that u can
make an informed decision:

Paul asks…

How can I help my sister to quit smoking cigarettes?

NO BULLSHIT. She's bee smoking for a year and stopped about a week ago because she was sick, now she's recovering, i wanna make sure she could not go back smoking, as it weakened her immune system in the past

yipbop answers:

I'm glad that you care about your sister. I'm a nurse and I've seen that it's hard for people to overcome an addiction. The best way to approach this is to get her to decrease her usage. Set goals and encourage her to reach them. More importantly, educate her on the dangers of smoking. Try alternative therapies such as the patch and gum. Or even the more recent eCig which has been proven to be safe.

I'm happy that you show concern, don't give up on her!

Mary asks…

Will my risk of lung cancer decrease after I quit smoking?

I quit about seven months ago. Will my health improve? Will my risks of heart disease and lung cancer go down? I do not want to get sick. I am smoking the e cig. Are the e cig's as bad as tobacco?

yipbop answers:

It's already down! You are healtheir than you were, go sprint down a sidewalk if you don't believe me, bet you don't fall over wheezing as quickly as you did a year ago. In another 5 months your risk of heart and lung disease will drop by up to 30%. In a few years, it'll be down by 50% or more. In a decade or 15 years, you'll probably be as healthy as a nonsmoker.

The risks of ecigs are the unknown. Logically it's not as bad for you, you're still consuming nic but that's neither carcinogenic or deadly in low doses. Ecigs let's you control your nic level, so you can reduce to nothing over time. So if it's keeping you from going back to cigarettes, keep using it! It's a tool for quitting, no matter what the FDA's official stance is. They aren't risk free, you can't call them safe, but you can feel assured that it's far less dangerous, and a good way to wean yourself off nicotine completely while totally eliminating all the hundreds of deadly chemicals in cigarettes.

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