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Linda asks…

E-Hookah (Shisha) Start up Questions Rechargeable vs Disposable?

I been looking into E-hookahs/shisha for a long time now I tried the disposables and i love them, but I want to save as much as possible so im thinking about getting a rechargeable one with the liquids etc I would like those who have experience with them to comment preferably

Heres my questions:

Flavor quality Rechargeable or Disposable?

Smoke/Vapor quality Rechargeable or disposable?

In terms of price comparison of refilling your own or buying the disposables "looking for higher quality ones" which offers more bang for your buck?

I seen a few places that offer Rechargeables but they are in the UK anybody know where I can find them in the US?

Im also looking for tobacco free and nicotine free.

yipbop answers:

Personally I'd never buy something branded as an e-hookah rather than an e-cig or personal vaporizer. The parts are cheap, and this is an industry where cheap components are rampant. The only practical difference between an e-cig and an e-hookah is one is likely to be lower quality. So if you haven't researched them as e-cigs and PVs, start. Also, almost all rechargables will be better than disposables, because all parts are built to last longer.

Basic info, 510s are the most common connection for mini batteries, the cigarette sized ones, and will fit any atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer with a 510 connection. There are a few other popular connections as well. If you want something small, you probably want 510 batteries and cartomizers.

The cigar sized batteries are eGos, and are larger so last longer and provide more power. They have two threads, eGo and also 510, so work with any 510 or eGo atomizer, cartomizer, or clearomizer. The largest tube and box shaped devices are mods, probably more complex than what you're looking for. So stick with minis unless you want more power or less frequent charging, especially if you're a light smoker/vaper.

As for's way cheaper to refill than buy disposables. It's also way cheaper to make your own. If you don't want nicotine, you actually can easily make you own juice. E-liquid is nothing more than pharmaceutical grade glycerin and propylene glycol (in varying ratios and sometimes only one or the other) plus food flavoring, and if wanted then nicotine. You don't want nic, so you could buy flavors, glycol, and glycerine and make a gallon of juice for the cost of a few disposables. Even if you don't want to DIY, 0mg nic juice is available from all sellers and is much cheaper than prefilled carts. Vaping costs me less than $1 a day, and I vape a lot.

Flavor and smoke quality depend on both battery size (more power means more vapor) and your juice ingredients. Glycerin makes more vapor than propylene glycol and is naturally sweet, but glycol makes flavors taste stronger and more true and provides more throat hit. People usually have a preferred mix, more glycol for those that want more flavor and more throat hit, more glycerin for those that want bigger clouds and a softer throat feel. Juice vendors usually offer different ratios.

Mark asks…

whats with people calling it vaping?

I would like to know why people who use e cigarettes call it vaping? im a 22yr old smoker and have been looking into e cigarettes as an alternative to kicking this god awful habit. while browsing forums i noticed that everyone is calling it "vaping" like it is some flippin drug. seriously how hard is it to say "im using an e cigarette" vs saying" im vaping". I honestly think it makes you sound like a dam crack addict. Also, whats with these vaping tards modding the e cigs? I know I'm just ranting but It really rustled my jimmies seeing that crap. I'm guessing that the new e cigs are gonna turn from a safer alternative to smoking, to the next cool way to get "high" at school ( if it already hasnt).

ok im done ranting, but i would really like to know what yall's opinions are on e cigarettes / vaping.

yipbop answers:

With cigs you inhale smoke, thus, you're smoking. With eCigs you inhale vapor, thus, you're vaping. You appear to have anger management issues in need of resolution. Please seek help.

Donna asks…

Green Smoke - Electronic Cigarettes?

been a smoker for years & unfortunately haven't managed to quit..
however the idea of E-cigarette sounds amazing!
has anyone tried them?

yipbop answers:

Tried them (not Green Smoke... Too expensive) and love them! Going on 10 months tobacco free after over 30 years of smoking!

The best thing you can do is learn as much as you can before you buy anything! Hit some forums without the sales hype like & There is enough info on those sites to learn enough to make a decision on a model that would best suit your needs and plenty of resources to be able to shop for the best prices. Also check out videos on you tube - try GrimmGreen's channel. He has a great reputation in the e-cig community and also

Stay away from Smoking Everywhere kiosks, Blu, and check prices on Green Smoke vs. KR808-D if you go with a 2 pc. System. Make sure that when you order your kit you get some liquid too so you can refill your own carts (easy & cost effective)

Good Luck and Happy Vaping! You're gonna love it!

Michael asks…

Bubblers Or vaporizers? Filter vs non filter pipes?

You guys ever try Bamboo bubblers? how does it affect the taste? I was thinking of maybe buying a bubbler or one of these vaporizer pipes they sell that are pretty cheap. How much healthier is a bubbler than a joint and how much does the water filter out? or is vaping just the best way to go? I'm also wondering about the whole deal with pipes that have filters vs ones that don't. how is the taste and all that affected, along with health benefits. I need the low down on all this stuff I know its a lot but THANKS GUYS!!!!!!!

yipbop answers:

For health, vaping is the way to go.

A bubbler will be LESS healthy than a joint. The bubbler will deliver less of a hit per unit of tar than a joint, so you are actually better off with a joint.

However, there is no comparison between joint and vaporizer in terms of health of your lungs. And also no carbon monoxide since nothing is burned (just vaporized). Checkout this video of a test between vaporizing and smoking at .

Also, if you like the bubbling water effects and want something really cool to show your friends, Vaporbrothers has some nice "Hydrators" that they make. Check out for a picture.

If you are concerned about health, the knock-offs that imitate the original Vaporbrothers sometimes use "questionable" materials that contain hazardous materials, so be carefull if you want to go cheap. You don't get more than you pay for.

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